Most graduating students get graduation photos.  
I create graduation videos!

And no........these graduation videos are not cute slideshows of still photos that most graduation videos are made of.

So what kind of graduation videos do you make???

Have you ever seen a commercial or documentary about your favorite athlete or celebrity where they are talking about their life/career and the video goes back and forth from them in a room talking, to showing them in action doing what they do best?

Imagine that, but it's all about YOU!

Imagine a 3-5 minute documentary style film where we capture you in your element, doing what you love and do best and getting to hear you tell your story about your time as a student

Nine times out of ten, these kinds of high quality videos are made for the star athletes or the honor students. 
I'm here to give this quality and recognition to all graduating students.

Make your graduation video stand out from your classmates' videos with a cinematic and engaging short film that shows and expresses the very best of you! 



Once your reach out I will email you back to set up a time and date for us to have our first meeting!

This meeting is just a simple introduction for us to get to know each other.

You don't have to make any commitment or pay any fees.


Once you feel confident that you want to go through with making your graduation video, we will talk about contracts, dates, times and payments.


Now begins pre-production!
At this stage we will begin to plan the short film and strategize how to tell your story.


Ready. Camera. ACTION!

On the day scheduled, we will begin shooting and start capturing you and your story!

Let's do this!


The video has been shot and edited.  
Once you've reviewed your video, it's time to show it to your friends, classmates and family and finish your student years with a bang!